10 tips to create joy and happiness in the children


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It is a well-known fact that the future of any nation is in the hands of the children of that country and there is no shortcut to building a future that is bright and inspiring, except that we should raise a healthy benevolent generation based on morality and humanity. Today, the issue of raising happy and creative children is the concern of every parent. The happiness of children means the happiness of future generations. Thus, it is quite important to nurture an energetic and dynamic generation in whose hands the future of our country is.
Dear parents, you are the teacher of the teachings of peace, love and affection for your children, so it is worthwhile to make efforts in this way. If we follow the principles of upbringing properly, the future will be in the hands of children who know the tradition of love and happiness. They will in turn forward this legacy to coming human beings. So, the need of the hour is to put efforts that will offer a dynamic and creative society and pious people to the world.

Children who are able to understand and recognize their happy inner feelings and emotions can undoubtedly maintain it throughout their lives. Children’s happiness strengthens their spirit, creativity, motivation, self-esteem and stability.
What can be done to have a happy, creative and confident child?
Here are some tips that parents can use to create joy and happiness in their children:

1-Do not forget to play and get involved with the child; Playing raises the spirit of cheerfulness in the child. Playing teaches children to explore the world, the laws of nature and to think about life. They learn those abilities in games that no science will teach children. A child who is forced by his parents to sit on classroom desk instead of playing and having fun will lead to sorrowful life as compared to children who a child who learn by playing and activities leads to mental development.

2-Laugh out loud with your child, tell them jokes, read humorous and funny stories, sing happy songs and look for fun entertainment. Laughter reduces stress and also provides more oxygen to the brain and body.

3-Successful children are happy children and happy children are successful children. If you want to make your child learn how to do hard work, , try to develop habits in your child that increase the spirit of tolerance and resistance in them.

4-Teach your child to help and support. Every child needs a sense of belonging to the group in which they live in order to feel valued. Ask your child to give old toys and items he or she has not had for a long time to poor children he or she knows.
5- Keep the family environment warm and happy so that the child feels safe. Loving relationships with respect and acceptance can double the joy.
6- Consider encouraging your child as an amazing educational principle. When your child is successful in doing something and has been able to achieve his goal, try to encourage and support him by finding words and phrases that show your joy and excitement of his success.
This kind of encouragement strengthens your child’s sense of worth and worth, but be careful that the encouragement is not too much.

  1. Addressing your inner interests and needs will open the way for your child to vent emotionally and find solace. So, instead of forcing and imposing your desires and interests, let them know and nurture what is within themselves.

8- Actively listen to your child and pay enough attention to him/her and respect his/her words. Children who have better feelings about themselves and higher self-esteem live happier lives. It is clear that every parent wants their child to be the best, but one must also pay attention to the talents and abilities of the children.
Teach your child how to solve a problem. From tying shoes to crossing the street safely, from eating to finding the answer to a math problem, all are the teachings that every parent should teach their child to achieve individual independence.

10- Allow the child follow his/her talent and ability. Every child has a special ability and talent. Does he/she like reading books? If so, you can let him/her read that Or if he is interested in gardening, leave the watering of flowers and trees to him or help him plant a plant. Do not neglect to entrust him/her with small responsibilities.

In the end, it can be said that today the mission of our society is to create a culture to have children full of love ,hope and purpose for a bright future and to provide the necessary basis for the growth and prosperity of this huge and rich resource