One ID Fit for all social networks

Maybe once the job of online branding was easier. At present, it is one dedicated skill that deals in branding on social media. Each Social network has their own atmosphere and characteristics. For example, you cannot receive considerable attention on Twitter with the same Instagram content.

But the first part is to choose the right username for your brand and open an account on the most popular social networks. When you start doing this, you will notice that many emails are already registered. Sometimes, for example, a Twitter username has not been registered before, and at the beginning, we are very happy and finish the work on Twitter, but when we want to register the same name on Instagram, for example, we realize that it has already been registered. I do not think it is nice at all that your username is the same in any social network or has prefixes and suffixes. The username should be attractive, easy to type, must not exceed the character limit, and easy to remember.

However, in order to simplify the step of checking a username on a lot of social networks and even among Internet domains, I suggest you may easily perform this important step on the Namechk site.

Translated by Sayyad Hassan Naqavi