Blessings for the planets and inhabitants

I was looking at the dictionary of the Great Persian Scholar ,Dehkhoda. He has written down several meanings for “mercy”. One of them caught my attention:
Mercy means rain, and is clemency, and often mercy means rain because rain is a divine mercy, and for this reason rain is called mercy.
In the biography of the Prophet of Mercy (PBUH), whose mercy is beyond the vastness of the world, much attention has been paid to children and their upbringing.

In this article,we will try to discuss three points from that beautiful tradition of treating children in such a way so that they become a beacon of our lives.

Children of all ages need attention and respect. Therefore, parents must carefully respond to their request. The delicate and sensitive soul of the child becomes upset and withered with the slightest wrong movement. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid any humiliation and ill behavior of the child and to point out his faults and mistakes, especially at parties and family meetings. It is equally important to appreciate his/her positive qualities and encourage him in a wise way..

In this regard, the words and deeds of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) with his children, is one of the greatest educational lessons to the human race. It is narrated from the Messenger of God (PBUH): It is said that one day a man blamed the Prophet for what his son had done. The Prophet said to him, “Your son is one of the arrows of your quiber. It means that your child is an indispensable part of you and your future, and by insulting his character, you hurt yourself twice and despise someone who will be your helper and supporter in the future. whatever good he does, so do you. You will be a partner in its reward.

One of the most important duties of parents is to try to always act according to justice and equality between their children. The Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH)says:
, “Why did not you inculcate justice and equality between both of your children?”

Discriminating among children makes their souls tired and incapacitated and leads to psychological disorders. Sometimes it incites the child to take revenge on their siblings; brother, sister or parents and makes him resentful.

For this reason, the child’s jealousy towards a newborn is not surprising; Because he thinks he/she will be deprived of some of the kindness and care that has belonged to him/her so far.

It is said that one day the Holy Prophet of Islam saw a man who had two children with him. The man kissed one of his children and did not kiss the other. The Messenger of God (PBUH) said to the man: “Why did you not practice justice and equality between your two children?”

Distinguishing between children makes their souls tired and incapacitated and leads to mental illness. Sometimes he incites the child to take revenge on his/her brother, sister or parents and makes him /her resentful.

One way for parents to express their love for their children is to provide them with toys and games appropriate for their age. Also, whenever a child asks his /her parents to play with him/her, the parents should respond positively to his/her request, but leave the management of the game to the child and do not impose their wishes on him/her.

In addition to giving the child fitness and freshness, play also leads to the development of his/her latent talents. The Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and the Ahl al-Bayt (as) with great emphasis on this issue, encouraged their children to participate in their games and to supervise their games.

One day, Imam Hussein (AS) was playing in the alley. The Prophet left the house with his companions. When the Prophet’s eyes fell on Imam Hussein (AS), he went to him and opened his hands to embrace him. Imam Hussein (as) laughed and ran to and fro. The Prophet also followed him with a smile until he finally caught him. So he put his hand under his chin and kissed him.

One of the relatives of the Prophet (PBUH)narrates that the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, sometimes made funny faces to Imam Hussein(a.s), peace be upon him, who was a child. The child was overwhelmed with laughter and joy when he saw this work of his grandfather. The man who saw this of the Prophet, said in surprise: I swear by God! My son is married , but I have not kissed him yet. The Prophet, who was astonished at the cruelty of the man, said: “Whoever does not show kindness, he will not be loved.”


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