Mother:The maker of the Society


Being a mother is considered as a divine duty assigned only to women. According to the classic poet William Wallace, the hand that shakes the cradle is the hand that rules the world. This show the effect that mothers have on raising their children and, in the long run, on building society. It is the mother who makes the world a better place to live. Women are given the opportunity to give life and nurture other human beings.

An old saying goes, The mother understands what the child does not say.” We have all experienced this. There is a mental and heart to heart relationship between mother and child. Mothers can hear the sentences in their children’s silence. Mothers have a sense of intuition that helps them understand what is right for their children, what their children are talented at, and what blessings and abilities they have. These are all qualities that God has bestowed in being a mother.

Mothers are coaches who stay our coach for the rest of their lives. They can also influence us more than any other coach.They pass to us endless wisdom and a valuable heritage. They have shaped our world from the cradle to change lives and make history. Everyone has a mother who has been able to nurture her feelings to the fullest. Of all the positive qualities in the world, what is most given to mothers is having a heart: the “mother heart.” It is his heart that creates all this tenderness, compassion and conscientiousness. When we are sad or lonely, nothing like mother’s hands can bring peace back to our lives.

Mothers teach us to trust and believe in ourselves. They know that in order to have strong and perfect children who have a positive self-image, they need to have self-confidence. One of the methods they use to boost our self-confidence is that they constantly affirm our acumen. A healthy sense of self-worth can lead to greater success and greater recognition in society. Mothers give us space to trust ourselves because there is no limit to their success and the great things we can do. Mothers teach us the power of words. The words that mothers say have power. Words can make or break a child.

How, when we talk to our children, do we actually shape their personality? Are you like a potter who sometimes uses gentle words to gently squeeze your hand to make your children’s heart, or are you like a sculptor who constantly uses his words like a hammer and a knife to strike your child’s heart? Are your children molding with love like a soft pottery when they talk to you, or do they look like a stone whose part of the heart has been sharpened by your words?
We must be very careful in what we say. Remember that life and death are blessings and curses in our language.
An old Spanish saying goes, “An ounce of mother is worth a pound a priest.” A motherly prayer can be a very precious gift, a real treasure and a serious heart force. If you have a mother whose good prayers are behind you, you must be a happy person.

We all know that we are reaping what we have sown. Our mothers are the ones who planted the seeds of the beauty of truth, wisdom, joy and peace in us. Those spiritual seeds are bearing fruit in us today.


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