Defective Education System

We, as teachers, teach in exactly the same way that our teachers used to teach us years ago!
At the best, we try to be a better teacher by adding a touch of humor. We see the multiple failures in the old education methods, why do not we change the procedure ? Why don’t policy-makers change their approach? Why not to disseminate the successful experience of one or two schools that have a new look rather a new plan of education?

If the parents of students twenty years ago did not knew anything about the importance of the first years of school and reactionary stimuli, then after the extensive scientific articles and educational content, are they still in ignorance? Or are they not looking at this issue deliberately? Or they are under the Impression that there are no such schools ?

One of the greatest tragedies of modern day society is how we essentially define everyone’s intelligence on two dimensional exams taken. It’s all good if you do well, but if you don’t perform well, society will deem that you’re of limited intelligence, and you will likely pay the price of this judgement for the rest of your life.
Because, according to this system, someone that worked hard will work hard for the rest of their lives, intelligence doesn’t change, if someone couldn’t see the point in learning the periodic table they are stupid, and if someone doesn’t obey the system they’re no good.

The educational system in our country is just focused on marks and thus demotivates children who think outside the box. It practically says that grades/marks matters than anything in the world. The system does not care about his/her passion and ambitions.Our society has a very streamlined list of ambitions; mostly they want children to be engineers, doctors and lawyers and make a ton of money.

The people who are sitting in the top of the educational system and deciding what should be added to the syllabus should be more creative and logical. The system should the able to cope with the new generations.
Education is the overall development of a student. This system provides you with a very streamlined useless number of subjects. The system should give more time to students to work on their passion and reduce the amount Burden on the shoulders of children.

Rather ,the system should add some useful subjects like logical thinking, and programming etc. The most important thing in education according to me is to develop a passion in students, because when they are passionate they will relentlessly give most of their time for gaining more knowledge .When a person is passionate he/she can do wonders.

Governments will immediately pay for the country’s security issues! It is enough to believe that the cost of educating the next generation is one of the most important security issues in countries and hence must be taken seriously before it is too late

Translator: Salma Syeda

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