Role of Parents in Child’s Career Selection

The entrance examination is over . The children thought that they would be released after the entrance exam, and they had prepared a checklist of entertainment activities. The families also felt that after the entrance exam, they would feel relaxed and free. Of course, there is a little anxiety about the result, which is tolerable.
Everyone has planned their free time depending on their whims and fancies. But as soon as the results of the entrance exam are announced, the luxuries end and new stages in life are on board. The quarrel between parents and children darkens the arena.

  • Didn’t you say you did well? Hey, I told you to study, but you did not listen. This is the end of your studies!
  • How can I raise my head in the family?
  • Now where can you be accepted with this rank?
    With this score you won’t get any good university, you can not enroll, I also do not have the money for a free and non-profit university to give you. And the list goes on and on

These are excerpts from conversations between parents and their children. But the point we need to know is that, and there no benefit in such conversations. As the old saying goes, “water can not be returned to the spring”, There is no benefit other than keeping children away from their parents and creating a cold relationship.

We should all pay attention to the fact that in these circumstances we have to act maturely. It is the time to repay all the bitterness of the past. If parents are far away from their child, it is the time to prove your child that you are always supportive, even in times of difficulty. If a child is away from their parents, here is the golden opportunity to show your care. But how is this possible? Let’s review a few simple sentences so that we can easily convert this threat into a better opportunity.

My daughter / son ,I know you are most upset about the results.It did not happen the way you predicted.But,It is fine! Important thing is that the game is not over yet and the competition is more real from now on. You can apply for a master’s degree/Diploma and choose the field and university of your choice .

  • A good rank in the entrance exam is like a father’s inheritance! If you have, it does not mean that your future is guaranteed, or if you do not have, it does not mean that you are miserable and can do nothing.
  • It was an opportunity we missed, but we still have time.

A very important point to remind parents is that healthy decision-making takes place in a space where emotions are at a minimum.

But a necessary point comes at this stage is that if we pass this stage well, We shall enter a new crucial stage viz, the stage of choosing a field. This stage is critical and comes with lot of complications as following:

Differences of taste in choosing a field
Lack of knowledge and awareness about many disciplines
• Having imaginary ideas about a number of famous disciplines
• Lack of knowledge about the career and future of the various streams.
• Not knowing the interests of your children
All of the above mentioned points are the source of a new family dispute.It is the duty of parents to tackle this issue sensibly.

Parents like their kids might also have had some dream in their teenage. Most of the parents fail to achieve their goals due to family or financial issue or the other problems. In such cases, parents may force their kids to adopt their dreams. They try to see themselves in their kids.
Admission time is a crucial period in the life of most of the students. It is always better that parents and children should decide together on the career they would pursue. Teens can get the information about the latest trends while the parents can get their practical experience to the table to make a decision.
Here are some of the important tips ,that parents can follow in order the make sure that their child chooses the best option

  1. Parents should always support their children.They should respect their opinions and views.
  2. Parents need to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their children and identify the careers accordingly.
  3. Parents should prepare a list of careers and based on talents ,and capabilities of their children, they should shortlist some of the fields.
  4. Parents can also use their contact network in order to ensure that their child chooses the best.
  5. Parents can also hire a counsellor in this regard.
  6. Always be at the side of your child because his weakness is your weakness and his strength is your strength.

Parents serve as a major influence in their children’s career development and career decision- making. Parents want their children to find happiness and success in life and one factor which influences happiness and success is career choice. Both children and parents need to sit together and decide on this issue amicably.

Translator: Salma Syeda
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