Thank you for your interest in Savior International Academy. We are proud to host, administer and lead a passionate learning community, where teachers create extraordinary educational experiences for students to connect with their unique interests, gifts and talents.

This section of our website contains all the information you will need if you are thinking of joining our School; admissions, fees, and documentation.

As an International School, we understand that many families move their homes and families at short notice due to job, business, education, etc. So, we operate a year-round rolling admissions policy where, upon successful application, students can be admitted throughout the school year (provided we have availability). The registration link will be functional throughout the year. However, the Admission will be granted in the first week of every month.

Our website will provide our students with a flavor of Savior Academy, highlighting our philosophy of child-focused, personalized learning, our commitment to providing a rigorous International Islamic Education and our special programs for those who have interest in learning Islam. However, where possible, we would be delighted to welcome you in person to tour the school and experience the special environment for yourself.

The Savior Academy ensures our highly motivated teaching team can continue to deliver the curriculum for all children from the age of 6 to 18. Students from whole world attend on-line lessons, Monday to Friday during usual school hours. On an average 3 sessions have been arranged for students daily. Classes are a combination of live sessions, video tutorials, daily academic tasks, class and home assignments, group discussions and other informative and interesting activities. Our personalized approach to teaching makes sure that no matter how much the distance is, every student is treated as an individual and receives ongoing support without any delays.

• Applicant should be of 6 years age as on 01st June 2021.
• Applicant should be of sound mind.
• Applicant should not have any disability especially disability of eyes, ears or mind,
• Applicant should at least understand English language.
• Applicant should have English speaking background.
• In case a student has passed any grade from other institute, he/she shall produce a valid qualification certificate of the same.


Our Admission Procedure goes through the following steps:

STEP 1: Check the Eligibility Criteria

• Recent passport-size photograph of the applicant;
• A photo of Applicant’s passport/National Identity;
• A photo of parent’s passport/National Identity;
• Health Certificate of applicant issued by a competent authority;
• Previous School reports are required for the past 2 academic years if a student wants to apply for upper classes other than grade 1 in the Savior Academy;
• A Non-refundable application processing fee of 10 USD for all grades in the primary level.

STEP 2: Submit online APPLICATION form

APPLICATION FORM should be filled HERE!

STEP 3: Interview

Prospective students will be short listed for an interview. Prior to the interview, the online Application Form should be submitted. Please make sure to submit the right email ID , phone number and other sought information to make possible for us to contact you for interview without any hassle.

STEP 4: Checking

Our Admissions Committee will meet to consider the application and review it along with: school reports, references (if provided), and the overall performance in the interview. In order to make the procedure simple, we may contact you for additional information if we have any outstanding queries at this stage.

STEP 5: Contacting

An email advising of the outcome of the application will be sent to you as soon as possible.

STEP 6: Payment

The payment link will be available for in the website.

After the completion of all the required admission formalities, the applicant is officially admitted in Savior Academy. The student would be issued a log-in ID along with password which would be valid for one year. After the student has successfully passed his/her class, they are eligible for the next class. The student has to go for re-admission process for next year.

*Note: The school authorities would be having full rights in amending the conditions or changing the criteria for admission.

For any further information or to book an appointment , please do not hesitate to contact us at (