Basic Persian (2)

Course details:

Basic Persian (1) “Parsa”

Level: Basic

Content: Units 6-10

Sessions: 10

Type: Online

Timing: 4 Hours a week

Content: The digital version of the book is provided.

Price: $ 40

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Persian is the second international language in the Islamic world. This language is the promoter of the highest intellectual and spiritual aspects of Islamic knowledge in many areas. Concepts such as humanity, religiosity, theology, truth, justice, and the like are very much in this language of spiritual and human values. The Persian language carries a valuable collection of human heritage. A considerable part of the ancient heritage of humanity, including philosophy, religion, science, ethics, mysticism, and politics, has been transmitted through the Persian language, and has been acquired through science and knowledge. What Rumi, Attar, Hafez, Saadi, Ferdowsi, Nezami, and other great scholars of science and literature have brought, is well understood when it comes to the Persian language.

If you like to learn this language join us.

Book authors:
Ali Poormand
Ali Fatemimanesh
Ashkan Mustafapoor


To make the most of reading this book and learn fluent Persian with it, follow the method below:

  1. Just listen to the teachers instruction.
  2. All conversations and textbooks (except exercises) plus the new words of each lesson should be memorized. (This works wonders!)
  3. Solve exercises.
  4. Conduct conversations with someone so that it is established in your mind and the fear of conversation is gradually poured into the new language.
  5. Watch an hour of movie at least 5 times a week.
  6. Prepare a dictionary. If you wish, you can also use the electronic dictionaries as well.
    I wish you success in learning Persian. Don’t forget to visit Iran in advance.


Mr Amir Miftah

Native in Persian

MA in Islamic studies

Mr Masoodi

Native in Persian

Teaching Persian for years

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