In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most beneficent.
The technology is thriving and the communication is turning every corner a closer part of the global village. However, there is a downside. There are more than 260 million children staying outside the school waiting for someone to let them in and grab a pen and paper and commence their journey to education and literacy. The situation will grow worse if the pandemic does not abate. There is a noble way to somehow subside the despondent scenario; donate. In Surah Hadid, Ayah 7, Allah SWT says: “Believe in Allah and His Messenger, and donate from what He has entrusted you with. So those of you who believe and donate will have a mighty reward.” Our global world is a better place with education for every child. Donations enhances number of children who are eprived because of various reasons; orphans, disabled, living in under privileged neighborhoods, etc. Bringing the children to school pays back in many ways; literacy rate increases, crimes rate drops, development makes its way, etc. There are millions of children who are waiting for such an act of generosity to see a school. Let us join our hands in making their dreams come true.

There are different plans:

APlatinum Membership: Adopt an orphan for life

BGold Membership: Donate for a child per year

CSilver Membership: Donate for the admissions/school accessories

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