We are proud to host, administer and lead a passionate learning community, where teachers create extraordinary educational experiences for students to connect with their unique interests, gifts and talents.


Thank you for your interest in Savior International Academy. We are proud to host, administer and lead a passionate learning community, where teachers create extraordinary educational experiences for students to connect with their unique interests, gifts and talents.

This section of our website contains all the information you will need if you are thinking of joining our School; admissions, fees, and documentation.

As an International School, we understand that many families move their homes and families at short notice due to job, business, education, etc. So, we operate a year-round rolling admissions policy where, upon successful application, students can be admitted throughout the school year (provided we have availability). The registration link will be functional throughout the year. However, the Admission will be granted in the first week of every month.

Our website will provide our students with a flavor of Savior Academy, highlighting our philosophy of child-focused, personalized learning, our commitment to providing a rigorous International Islamic Education and our special programs for those who have interest in learning Islam. However, where possible, we would be delighted to welcome you in person to tour the school and experience the special environment for yourself.


  • Should you require any further information or to book an appointment to visit us please do not hesitate to contact through the following email: admin@savior.academy


To provide an excellent formal and Islamic education that develops the intellectual, spiritual, physical, and aesthetic potential of the human being in line with the teachings and practices of Islam from the perspective of Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) and his holy Household. Savior Academy is an online school founded exclusively to provide a quality learning educational platform for the children of the entire world community with the aim of producing well-mannered global citizens.

The mission of Savior Academy is to offer a committed and enriched Islamic learning platform viz a viz formal educational  environment for our children to learn and grow spiritually, academically, intellectually, emotionally and socially, as well as coupled with stability of school governance Insha’Allah. We provide equitable opportunity for students of all traditions, religions, cultures, nationalities, ethnicities, races, genders, languages, etc. to explore scientific and spiritual practice both inside and outside the classroom. By providing flexible, successful, individualized, barrier-free learning opportunities for students through technology we ensure their all-round development so that they become successful global citizens.



Prophet Muhammad {S.A.W.W.} said: ” The angels’ wings are under the feet of those who seek knowledge (students). Seeking knowledge is the duty of all individuals to serve societies and communities. The desire to know is an inherent part of the human being. Education is therefore the process of developing the human being as a whole, integrating spiritual, scientific, psychological and social dimensions that benefit the individual, the family, and society. In particular at the Savior Academy, all the programs and content seek to: 

a. Teach all subjects as parts of an integrated whole with science as the foundation. 

b. Provide a clear model of an Islamic life through its staff, board, and families.

c. Encourage every child to develop his/her relationship with God and his Messenger [PBUH].

d. Create an environment that will enhance independent learning and critical thinking.

e. Encourage every student to develop love for Allah, Prophet Mohammad and his holy Household, and a passion for learning.

g. Provide services to all regardless of race, gender, color, national or ethnic origin.


Organizational Values

  . Serving Allah[s.w.t} ,His Messenger{PBUH}

  . Serving the household of Prophet Muhamad {S.A.W.W]  

 · Respect

 · Scientific Temper.

 · Discipline  · Excellence

School’s Structure

Savior Academy is a non-profit organization and is a part of Savior International Schools. The school is fully approved by International Department of Ministry Of Education, Government of Iran. Further, the school is accredited to deliver an international curriculum to both overseas and national students by the educational authorities in Iran. The school is independent of Iranian National curriculum requirements (with the minor exception of Persian language). This form of accreditation allows us to offer a wide range of international Islamic curriculum which could cater to the needs of the students throughout the globe.

School Certifications

The school is certified by the Ministry of Iran under registration No. 120/62123 and all the certifications issued by this school will be accepted, entertained, and authorized by other international institutions.

* Sample of certification for Grade one.

An official certification for diploma. Our students are studying in different universities across the world by this diploma .


The philosophy behind the school; its Islamic values and beliefs

The School Board sets the strategic direction of the school and has the responsibility to ensure that it runs in accordance with its founding values and academic norms; that it is fiscally responsible and operates within a budget that it sets annually. It also has the key responsibility of hiring the school’s Head teacher (Director) and for monitoring and evaluating his or her work. The School Board does not involve itself in the day-to-day running of the school but it does monitor the safeguarding of students, their well-being and their academic progress to ensure that the school’s values and policies are adhered to. It also sets annual fee levels.

The CEO’s message

In the name of Allah the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.
It is an absolute honor to state that the Savior Academy is an institute that has first time ever blended the modern-day education system with compulsory religious education to groom individuals with a balanced approach. I am humbled with taking this history making opportunity to congratulate our faculty, management, and the IT department who have put their every effort in shaping such a marvelous educational institute. Taking the maximum benefit of the latest research with the most sophisticated computer and communication technologies, the Savior Academy is offering services to raise more competent leaders for more challenging future. Present day is imposing greater demands for the children and this is what we are offering our children at the Savior Academy to prepare for the unknown hurdles keep coming in the arena of education. In order to achieve such a vision, the Savior Academy is always striving to integrate the latest technological advancements in the teaching and learning environment.
Our main objective is not only to provide our children the safest learning environment, but also do we firmly believe in providing the parents with a complete peace of mind for everything they need from the latest education to a fully secured future.
The Savior Academy is fulfilling these targets by hiring the best faculty on board, adopting to the best resources, and incorporating with the latest educational practices.
On the behalf of my faculty, and other staff, who are the backbone of running this system and bring my vision alive, we commit to render the state-of-the-art services with the best standards of teaching as well as the utmost satisfaction of all the stakeholders.

The Principal’s Message:

Educating our beloved children in this era is an uphill task and as the Principal of the Savior Academy I am committed to do it at best. First we were opened for just one grade. The positive response has encouraged us to upgrade till Grade 6. I cannot claim that it is a great success but feels like we are heading in the right direction. Secondly, the more it seems teaching online is very thrilling but the great response of our students at all levels has proved it very satisfying as well. It sounds great to hear our students speaking two additional languages other than English. It is so inspiring. Also, it proves that our children will do wonders as well as become amazing contributors of the future societies. I personally thank all the students, parents, faculty, and IT to impart education globally.

Savior Academy is organized exclusively dedicated to purpose of Classical and  Islamic education.

The Savior Academy is a nationally recognized, accredited as an online school that operates at the primary, middle and high grades (1-12). The academy covers a wide range of short courses as well such as Islamic Philosophy, Quranic Exegesis, etc. We use the best online educational technologies to serve students throughout the world with a world-class high school education. All that is required to be successful at Savior Academy is a smart computer, Internet device, high-speed Internet access and an inquisitive mind. In lesser time than you think, you will be on your way to becoming a high school graduate.