Islamic Teachings in brief (Allamah Tabatabaei)

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Islamic Teachings in brief by Allamah Tabatabaei

Level: Medium

Sessions: 170 Clips

Price: $ 50

Duration: ~10 hours

Type: Offline

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Islamic Teachings in brief by Allamah Tabatabaei

Level: Medium

Sessions: 170 Clips

Price: $ 50

Duration: ~10 hours

Type: Offline


Allamah Sayyid Muhammad Husayn at-Tabataba´i, with his vast and deep knowledge on Islamic matters, wrote the book ‘Islamic Teachings in Brief’ in a relatively simple language, presents a summary of the teachings of Islam to provide some information for those who are not able to examine Islamic matters deeply in a specialized manner. This book is taught by the best teachers in Qum.

We can provide the online classes for all these topics as well. For more information please register in the online courses or contact us.

You will have the following Topics in this course:

Is It Necessary For Man To Follow A Religion?


The Advantages of Religion

Human Civilization

The Need for Regulations in the Society

Man is Not Free Against Regulations

Weak Point in the Implementation of Regulations

The Original Source of the Weakness of Laws

The Advantage of Religion Over Other Laws

Seeking a Remedy by Others

A Summary of the History of Religions

The Religion of Islam

The Importance that Islam Attributes to Man’s Comfort

Comparison of Islam with Other Religions

Comparison of Islam with Other Social Systems


Islamic Teachings in Brief Discussion Concerning Origin of Creation is Natural

Affirmation of the Creator

Theism and People

The Effect of this Inquisitiveness in Man’s Life

Theism From the Viewpoint of the Holy Qur’an

Qur’an’s Teachings about The Creator Of The World

The Existence of The Creator

Qur’an and Tawhid

The Almighty Allah Possesses All Attributes of Perfection

Why Doesn’t Man Accept This Truth At Times?

The Power and Knowledge of Allah



Other Attributes of Perfection


Nubuwwah (Prophethood)

The logic in Nubuwwah

The Difference between Man and Other Creatures

Attributes of a Prophet

Prophets among People

Ulul’azm Anbiya’ (Arch-Prophets) and All Other Prophets

Prophet Nuh (as)

Prophet Ibrahim (as)

Prophet Musa (as)

Prophet ‘Isa (as)

Prophet Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdillah (S)

Qur’an’s Reference to Prophetic Tidings

From Al-Bi’that Al-Nabawiyyah to The Hijrah

A Trip to Ta’if

The Hijrah of the Holy Prophet (S) To Madinah

The Battle of Badr

The Battle of Uhud

The Battle of Khandaq

Battle with The Jews, The Battle Of Khaybar

Inviting The Rulers And Kings To Islam

The Battle of Hunayn

The Battle of Tabuk

Other Battles

Ghadir Khumm and the Issue of Succession

The Settlement of The Holy Prophet (S) In Madinah And The Advancement Of Islam

A Glance at The Intellectual and Spiritual Personality of The Holy Prophet (S)

The Spiritual Personality of The Holy Prophet (S) was Extraordinary

The Character of The Holy Prophet (S)

The Holy Prophet’s (S) Last Will To the Muslims

The Holy Qur’an

The Holy Qur’an is a Miracle

Accusing the Holy Prophet (S)

The Holy Qur’an Challenges the Mushrikin


Ahl Al-Bayt (as)

Expressly Stated Virtues of ‘Ali (as) and All The Ahl Al-Bayt (as)


The Logic for Imamah

The Imam is Indispensable

The Holy Prophet’s (S) Statement about Wilayah

Appointment of a Successor by The Holy Prophet (S)

The ‘Ismah of Imam

The Moral Virtues of Imam

The Knowledge of Imam

The Fourteen Ma’sumin

The Guiding Imams (as)

The Names of The Infallible Imams (as)

The General Life-Style of the Ahl Al-Bayt (as)

Root Cause of the Differences of The Imams (as) with Contemporary Governments

An Exceptional Point in the Policy of the Ahl al-Bayt (as)

Al-‘Imam ‘Ali (as)

Al-Siddiqah Al-Kubra Fatimah (as)

Al-‘Imam Al-Hasan (as) And Al-‘Imam Al-Husayn (as)

Were the Policies of Al-‘Imam Al-Hasan (as) and Al-‘Imam Al-Husayn (as) Different?

Al-‘Imam ‘Ali Al-Sajjad (as)

Al-‘Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (as)

Al-‘Imam Ja’far Al-Sadiq (as)

Al-‘Imam Musa Al-Kazim (as)

Al-Imam ‘Ali Al-Ridha’ (as)

Al-‘Imam Muhammad Al-Taqi (as), Al-‘Imam ‘Ali Al-Naqi (as), and Al-‘Imam AlHasan Al-‘Askari (as)

Al-‘Asr, Muhammad Al-Mahdi Al-Maw’ud (as)

The Moral Conclusion Derived From the Policy of the Leaders of Religion



Difference of Opinion in the Identification and Specification of Duties


The Duty of Man towards Allah (Cognizance of Allah)

The Worship of Allah

The Duty of Man towards Himself

Physical Health

Mental Health

Receiving Education and Knowledge

The Value and Importance of a Student from the Viewpoint of Islam

The Importance of a Teacher and an Instructor

Paying Respect to the Learned Men

The Duties of Teachers and Students

Two Important Masterpieces in The Teachings Of Islam

Abstaining from Free Thinking and Expression of Truth


Ijtihad and Taqlid

The Duty of Man towards Others

The Duty of Man towards His Parents

The Rights of Parents

The Rights of Children on Parents

Respect for the Elders

Man’s Duty towards His Relatives

Man’s Duty towards His Neighbours

Man’s Duty towards the Inferior and The Poor

Man’s Duty towards the Society


Individual Justice

Social Justice

Tyranny and Oppression


Teasing People and Mischievousness

Association with the Good People

Companionship with the Bad People


Disadvantages of Falsehood

Backbiting and Libel

Damaging the Prestige of People

Self-Respect and Honesty

Benevolence and Helping the Needy


206 Arranging Charities and Reliefs


Generosity and Donation of Money

The Generalities of Jihad

The Instances of War In Islam

Escaping From Jihad and Defence

Defending the Islamic Domain

Fighting With the Internal Enemies of The Society

Defending the Truth


Infringing Upon The Property of Orphans

Disappointment for The Blessings of Allah

Anger and Wrath



Selling Underweight

The General Penalty of Sins in Islam

The Essentiality of Employment and The Importance of Trade And Industry

Denouncement of Idleness

Agriculture and Its Advantages


The Disadvantages of Relying On Others



Reciting Salat

Wajib Salaat

Prerequisites of Salat


Najis Substances

Mutahhirat (Purifiers)

Wudhu’ and Its Precepts

The Instructions For Wudhu’

Mubtilat of the Wudhu’

The Ghusl

The Tayammum

Procedures for Tayammum

The Precepts Pertaining to Tayammum





Mandatory Acts While Reciting The Salat

The Rukns of The Salat

Tashahhud and Salam

Salat Al-Ayat

The Procedure for Reciting The Salat Al-Ayat

The Salat of A Traveller

Salat Al-Jama’ah (Congregational Prayer)

Conditions Concerning Salat Al-Jama’ah

The Precepts Concerning Salat Al-Jama’ah

The Sawm (Fasting)

245 Ramadhan, The Month of Allah

13 The Sawm Leads To Taqwa

Muftirat Which Render the Sawm Batil

The Bay’ (Selling)

The Irrevocability Of Bay’

The Bay’ on Cash, On Credit, And On Advance Payment


Eatables and Drinkables

First Type: Animals

Second Type: Inanimate Objects

(1) Solids

(2) Liquids

Important Note

The Ghasb (Usurpation

Some of The Precepts Concerning Ghasb

The Shuf’ah (Preemption)

Re-Cultivation of Barren Lands

Luqtah (Picked Up Article).


33 reviews for Islamic Teachings in brief (Allamah Tabatabaei)

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