Q & A

The Savior Academy offers education for grade 1 all the way through 6.

The Savior academy is recognized both nationally and internationally. Please follow the link here

The Savior academy believes in maintaining higher standards of education. Therefore, Oxford syllabus is utilized for imparting education to our beloved students.

The Savior academy follows Islam. However, there is no restriction for members of other religions to join us. Neither is there any condition imposed upon students to follow the Islam as their religion. However, the students have to study the entire curriculum which includes Islamic Studies, Arabic, and Persian.

Islam is introduced as a religion but not imposed. So, Savior academy promotes global peace and harmony.

The Savior Academy is an educational platform that aspires to prepare young Muslims to become an influential member of the future global community.

The Savior Academy has opted English as a medium of education in all its branches.

Currently the The Savior Academy is located in Qom but there are other places under the process of construction and renovation. As soon as the venues are ready, the branch centers will be announced.

The Savior Academy offers formal as well as theological education to transform raw persons into critical global citizens.

The fee structure varies on the basis of many parameters such as geographical location, grades, etc.

The Savior Academy is an online teaching platform. However, offline support in providing lectures, activities, extracurricular support content, etc. will be available too. This makes The Savior Academy an online as well offline institution.

The Savior Academy has a dynamic capacity to serve all around the globe utilizing the latest technology in education.

The Savior Academy has a payment system that is legal and accessible to almost everywhere in the world. 

The Savior Academy believes in shaping the future of every child. Considering that the task based and activity based educational lessons are delivered.

We have special offer for students of Hawzah. For more information please contact us. 

English is the language of instruction. Additionally, The Savior Academy offers Arabic and Persian.

The Savior Academy firmly believes in serving humanity on equal terms. All disabled students are welcomed as long as they can study online.

The Savior Academy is an equal opportunity organization and accepts both the boys and girls.

The Savior Academy does not restrict anyone joining in regardless of race, creed, geography, ethnicity, culture, community, nation, etc.

The Savior Academy believes in extracurricular activities that transform a child from the perspective of learning outside the classroom for self-regulated learning, enhancing vocabulary, and learning how to optimally use independence. The Savior Academy highly recommends the students to get full benefit of the digital resources available for independent reading, recreational reading, and free will reading.

As soon as a student suffers from any particular disorder, parents are advised to report without any delay. The Savior Academy provides counselling session/s for students to make the learning experience full of fun and enjoyment.

The Savior Academy is an independent organization hence free of any such unnecessary inflictions.

The Savior Academy firmly believes in equal opportunity policy equally applicable for teaching staff and the students alike.

The Savior Academy team prepares backup plans not just for students but also for teachers. In case a student was absent, or a teacher could not join, the students are sent back a package so the time is saved.

The Savior Academy always encourages students to participate in cocurricular activities that include spelling bees, stage performances, presentation competitions, role plays, demonstrations, scientific competitions, essay writing, etc.

For more details please contact us.