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Savior academy, a global virtual school, offers Education from  Primary Years Program to Higher secondary Level. The curriculum is inquiry-based and concept-driven, thus  equipping students with the skills needed for their future.

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Formal & Islamic education

Our website will provide you with a flavor of Savior Academy, highlighting our philosophy which is child-focused. Especially in personalized learning, we commit to providing a rigorous International Islamic Education and special programs for those who have interest in learning Islam.

Savior Academy is an online global school founded exclusively to provide a quality Islamic and classical  education for the children of the entire world community with the aim of producing highly groomed, courteous global citizens with critical minds.

We offer comprehensive curricular and diversified extra-curricular activities program providing ample opportunities for students to explore their unique interests and talents.

Savior Academy places great emphasis on technology to support learning. We aim to prepare students for effective participation and success in the 21st century by integrating technology and dynamic learning, hence facilitating the students to be responsible and valuable global Muslim citizens.

Savior Academy believes that problem solving is an important part of long term concept learning in education. In Savior Academy, daily exercises are provided for many courses. Of course, these exercises will be interactive and attractive which will encourage students to be accurate in accumulating knowledge.

Prophet Muhammad {S.A.W.W.} said:

The angels’ wings are under students’ feet.”

Parts of Our Syllabus

Savior Academy`s online courses are designed and delivered by Highly-Qualified Instructors and everything students need to learn from an accredited online high school. Our online school courses are 100% self-paced and can be completed at a chosen track route. Unlimited online tutoring is included with all traditional full-time primary, middle and high school programs.

Mathematics: provides with opportunities for developing important intellectual skills in problem solving, deductive and inductive reasoning, creative thinking and effective communication.
Social studies: The Savior Academy endeavors to shape raw minds into global citizens, providing them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will help them to become competent and responsible individuals who are informed, thoughtful, and are ready to participate in their community and exhibit moral and civic virtues. We focus on both theory and practice.
Science: At Savior Academy, we offer our students ample opportunities to increase their overall understanding of how and why things work. Science teaches kids about the world around them. Interactive activities that focus on building the key developmental skills are also taught.

Quran and Islamic: At Savior Academy, we aim at teaching our students the Holy Quran with Rules of Quran Recitation (Tajweed) and interpretation. We have proficient and outstanding faculty who ensures that our students always get better in understanding the Quran.

The Savior Academy is a nationally recognized, accredited as an online school that operates at the primary, middle and high grades (1-12). The academy covers a wide range of short courses as well such as Islamic Philosophy, Quranic Exegesis, etc. We use the best online educational technologies to serve students throughout the world with a world-class high school education. All that is required to be successful at Savior Academy is a smart computer, Internet device, high-speed Internet access and an inquisitive mind. In lesser time than you think, you will be on your way to becoming a high school graduate.