Savior Academy is exclusively dedicated to the purpose of Classical and  Islamic education.


To provide an excellent classical and Islamic education that develops the intellectual, spiritual, physical, and aesthetic potential of the human being in line with the teachings and practices of Islam from the perspective of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and his Holy Household. Savior Academy is an online school founded exclusively to provide quality Islamic and classical  education for the children of the entire world community with the aim of producing well-mannered global citizens.


The mission of Savior Academy is to offer a committed and enriching Islamic and educational  environment for our children to learn and grow spiritually, academically, intellectually, emotionally and socially, coupled with stability of school governance structure Insha’Allah. We provide equitable opportunity for students of all traditions, religious or otherwise, to explore scientific and spiritual practice both inside and outside the classroom. By providing flexible, successful, individualized, barrier-free learning opportunities for students through technology we ensure their all-round development so that they become successful citizens.


Prophet Muhammad {S.A.W.W.} said: ” The wings of the angels is under the feet of the student. Seeking knowledge is the duty of a person. The desire to know is an inherent part of the human being. Education is therefore the process of developing the human being as whole, integrating spiritual, scientific, psychological and social dimensions that benefit the individual, the family, and society. Programs and teachings, at Savior Academy seek to: 

a. Teach all subjects as parts of an integrated whole with science as the foundation. 

b. Provide a clear model of an Islamic life through its staff, board, and families.

c. Encourage every child to develop his/her relationship with God and his Messanger [PBUH]

d. Create an environment that will enhance independent learning and critical thinking. 

e. Encourage every student to develop love of Allah, Prophet Mohammad and his holy Household, and love for learning, 

g. Provide services to all regardless of race, gender, color, national or ethnic origin.


  . Serving Allah[S.W.T} ,His Messenger{PBUH}

  . Serving the household of Prophet Muhamad {S.A.W.W]  

 · Respect

 · Scientific Temper.

 · Discipline  · Excellence