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Teaching Online and offline

We at the Savior Academy are very glad to invite the individuals who are dynamic in professional development and still have more thirst for enhancing their skills. From the hardcore experienced teachers to those who are beginning in the career, please feel free to move forward and join us. All you need is to have potential in taking up challenging tasks in the teaching fields. We strongly believe in team-work, mutual respect, and professional progress within global communities. We are ready to take on challenges that are appearing before the entire world such as huge populations, unemployment, even the pandemic. Let us join our hands together and provide what children deserve at the most; education.
Future of Online Teaching and Learning
The entire teaching and learning are facing a paradigm shift. Most of the teachers did not even imagine if they had to teach online ever. However, the facts state a very mind provoking story; after the pandemic, the number of children who did not face their classrooms reached 1.2 billion from 182 countries. And this is just an estimate. Countries are doubling up their budget for scaffolding learning and teaching using digital platforms. The point is; future stands with those who accept to teach online.

If you are interested please contact us!